The Brew Pub

Milner’s Gate: Idaho Craft Brewery

Experienced restaurant owner and operator Tom Nickel is again putting his award-winning experience to work by opening a new restaurant in the heart of Downtown Twin Falls. The high ceilings, historic masonry aesthetic, and high visibility of the Historic Elks Lodge Building is the perfect venue for Tom to create Twin Falls’ first restaurant/bar/brewery. Tom has owned and operated many restaurants throughout the mountain west over his 35-year career, but his most recent venture, Elevation 486 in Twin Falls, has been ranked the #1 restaurant in the Magic Valley.

Tom is bringing his team from Elevation over to the Brew Pub to capture the growing energy and momentum occurring in the revitalization effort in downtown Twin Falls. They will serve locally brewed beer; provide a fresh, local, and creative menu; and have a full-service bar. There will also be a private event room to host groups ranging in size from 20-65. Milner’s Gate is an ‘upscale-casual’, affordable restaurant, craft brewery, bar and catering venue serving the residents and visitors the entire Magic Valley. Learn More